The video below captures the traffic scene on the road and a car going to the left when suddenly three police cars surrounded and pushed them to rotate freely.
With their instructions, they used the push of their car and drove the other vehicle. The video quickly attracted the attention of netizens; they did not understand the story.

What was going on? Why did that car turn like that and get hit and pushed by the police car? Did they break the law, and if so, did they know The law shouldn’t do that? That’s dangerous. They used their police car, rammed the other car vehicle a circle, and only used it again when it was struck by another car. If we look closely, we can see that on the road, only this red car is moving, and the vehicles on that road are stopping.

Did they violate the traffic law by running a red light, or is there a secret behind it yet to be revealed? Anyway, the actions of the other police cars are also. They shouldn’t act like that; netizens are surprised and annoyed by that action.

Some people shared:
“All good until the officer smashed into the innocent Expedition
American cops can not drive for toffee.”
“American cops can not drive for toffee.”
“This cop should”