The video received a lot of comments from netizens about the action of the red car driver, when this red car was in the alley running to the main road when his

car approached and honked .

The purpose of honking is to let the driver of the red car know that he is not slowing down and honking to signal other cars to slow down, but he does not.

Because in order to confront the driver driving that red car, he honked his horn loudly, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning if the red car driver didn’t point his middle

finger straight at his face, This move is disrespectful and offensive he.

After raising the middle finger and saying stop horny. He expressed anger because this truck driver honked loudly and this also caused controversy among netizens. Some comments expressed:

“I’ve had this happen to me before, but I just drove around the car and got back into my lane. It’s not my fault their car hit the curb after I went around 🤷🤣😂 ”

“Someone stuck a finger in a mini. Look at yourself, where’s your paper bag”