Stewie’s story is a poignant tale of courage and resilience in the face of unimaginable hardship. Abandoned and rejected by his mother, this tiny, newborn puppy fought valiantly for survival, evoking a mix of empathy and concern from all who followed his journey.

Day 1: Stewie’s arrival at Barrow County Animal Control revealed a grim situation. Severely dehydrated, malnourished, and suffering from seizures, his condition was critical. The team worked tirelessly to provide him with SubQ fluids, a warm bottle, and nutritional supplements.

Day 3: Despite their best efforts, Stewie’s condition worsened. The team discovered he was infested with fully developed roundworms, adding to his already dire state. They continued to administer vital care, tube-feeding him with a special formula, and ensuring he received around-the-clock attention.

Day 4: Stewie’s fighting spirit shone through as he bravely battled against the overwhelming burden of parasites. Vomiting live worms was heart-wrenching, but the team remained dedicated to helping him through every challenge.

Day 6: Stewie’s journey remained tumultuous, but the team celebrated every small victory. While he still faced difficulties, such as keeping meals down and regulating his temperature, they never gave up on him.

Day 7: A moment of hope came when Stewie managed to nurse on his own, showing signs of progress in his recovery.

Day 8: The rollercoaster continued, with moments of improvement followed by setbacks. The team diligently provided him with all the care and attention he needed, including subQ fluids, nutrient-rich meals, and constant monitoring.

Day 9: Tragically, despite all efforts, Stewie’s battle came to an end. Despite heroic attempts to save him during a crisis, he passed away in the arms of those who loved him deeply.

Stewie’s story touched the hearts of many, reminding us of the fragility of life and the incredible strength displayed by even the tiniest creatures. Although his time on this earth was brief, his spirit will live on, forever cherished and loved.

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