The video below records the incident when the guy in red was arrested by the police for racism and later realized he was an FBI agent. Brother
was walking on the street when he was suddenly arrested and questioned by the police because he was black, and today the phenomenon of racism still happens, and that makes viewers extremely uncomfortable.

Some people think that people should integrate and live more openly, not distinguish each other because of such external characteristics, on the other hand, some people believe that it’s normal for them to check on the black guy in the red shirt because they want to check the papers to see if he’s okay. Legal residence or not, don’t overdo it.

And in the first place, he can take out his papers and FBI card to prove it but not make things so troublesome. Whoever he is, when he goes to another country, it needs to be made clear and according to your country’s regulations.

Some netizens shared:
“If you’re not who they say you are, that’s simple. Relax. Give your ID card, and it’s done. There’s no point in fighting and being a fool.”
“Question: I’m from the UK; why didn’t he identify as an FBI Agent at first? Instead of escalating the situation.”
“Guy is a real douchebag. But that’s pretty much on par for the FBI these days.”
“nothing like violating a friend agent. Love to be a fly on that wall”