Relationships always appear in layers in each of our lives, as if nature wants to connect people and people together. There are brief encounters, social handshakes and nonchalant hugs, in the end the person who stays with us the longest is our friend. The friendship between two people is glued with a durable glue called years.

To identify a relationship that I don’t know if I should put a lot of thought into or not, it is thanks to the difficult situations that I accidentally encounter, the people who always stay by my side are the people I cherish. Unlike normal friends, best friends are always the one who laughs the loudest when I stumble.
who never turns his back on me even though the whole world does. If one day, unfortunately, we make a mistake, they do not condemn, do not reject, because they understand that everyone must grow from mistakes, know right from wrong and take responsibility for their own life. my life.

Instead of putting more pressure, they will silently be there for us when we need to share, because they know that we will surely suffer those hurts. At times, they need to let go and let us rush into our own destiny. And there’s a time to prepare to pick up the pieces after it’s all over. Everyone has their own suffering and no one has the right to judge anyone. Mistakes are a part of life, but true friends always know how to share and sympathize.

Who is always on our side even though we sometimes doubt ourselves. In front of me, they are frank, honest, honest about my flaws, and accept them. Behind our backs, they proudly talk about our advantages, protect us from detractors, but never have the habit of confiding in third, fourth, or fifth people about our bad habits. my friend. They are the ones who bring confidence and promote perfection in life
And close friends will do the same