Recently,a post-published video caught a lot of attention and people’s share of the actions of a beaver in a thunderstorm that saved a man from death.
In the video, a large beaver carrying a thicket of branches across the road saw a car on the way to it. Frozen with fear, the beaver stood on the road with its feet raised to the sky, nearly hit by the car, which could barely avoid the beaver.

He smartly raised his hand as a sign that he wanted to come back and not cross that bridge in the night of the storm , and what that beaver did helped him through his life.
Six months later, the driver returned to the old road but with stormy weather. A tree fell in front of the bridge and the driver braked early enough to avoid damaging his car. A little later, the bridge he was going to cross was swept away by the river.

Realizing that he had avoided death, the driver turned and saw the beaver standing there, letting the driver know that he was on his back.
This is a really good ,meaningful and interesting ad worth seeing .

“The bridge approach was swept away six months after this prophetic advertisement was filmed. King County, Washington isn’t done yet. During the recent Bolt Creek Wildfire, Skykomish residents were trapped because the road had never been repaired by the county government due to lack of response. Fortunately, no life has been lost because of it, but it can be a terrible disaster.”
“Did the beavers save him because they almost missed each other? If it were instead a bus full of students, rushing straight to their deaths, would the beavers let them be left to their fate?”