The video was shared by a guy and told his story about the love he encountered in Compton, he was quite worried about it. The text of the passage reads as follows:

“I’m in L.A Dont know much besides stay away from Compton. Compton the bad side right…bet…i wake up one morning all my friends are gone. I’m thinking lets see how far i can get withou a car, put my shoes on. Got my black air forces black and red shorts and a red shirt i’m thinking as long as i stay away from Compton i can wear whatever color i want.
The world is mine right no ones gonna touch me i’m in inglewood by the way for those of ya who do line in L.A. So i’m walking 20 minutes into my walk i see a bunch of blue and a lot of guns walking towards my way. I’m thinking ” oh great i get to see god and my grandmother today” So the dude goes ” F-K you got all that red on for” i go huh tryna play it dumb right. he gose “F-k you got all that red on for” i go “Whatever do ypu mean kind stranger with a glock 19 i’m not from here”. He gose “Where yourr from” i go “i’m from new yorrk” he goes “Oh you From new york” i go “Yeah”….”

Compton is a city in southern Los Angeles County, California, United States, situated south of downtown Los Angeles. Compton is one of the oldest cities in the county and, on May 11, 1888, was the eighth city in Los Angeles County to incorporate. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city had a total population of 96,456. It is known as the “Hub City” due to its geographic centrality in Los Angeles County. Neighborhoods in Compton include Sunny Cove, Leland, downtown Compton, and Richland Farms. The city has a high poverty rate and is generally a working-class community. Furthermore, Compton is known for its high crime rate.

Is Compton a good area?
Compton has a history of violence and gang warfare. It was once rated as one of the most dangerous cities in America in the past. It’s a working class community
or lower class, ethnically diverse.