TEHRAN (Tasnim) — A horrifying video shows an elderly U.S. protester being shoved to the ground by officers in Buffalo, New York state as they move in to clean up the area after the curfew .
The man can be seen lying motionless while bleeding from his ear.

Graphic footage shows police officers surrounding the area in front of City Hall in Buffalo shortly after 8pm. The curfew went into effect on Thursday. As police approached the protesters, a man with what looked like a smartphone approached the officers leading the march to confront them, RT reported.

It’s unclear from the video what the man said to officers, fully dressed in riot gear, but the confrontation didn’t last long before he was shoved by officers, lost his balance, and fell onto the pavement. . A stream of blood could be seen from his ear after the fall. When police called paramedics to the scene, the man appeared to be unconscious, lying motionless on the spot.
The video went viral on social media, with many accusing the police of using excessive force against the man, who did not appear to have threatened any officers in the first place.

According to Buffalo Toronto Public Media, the police department’s version of events – which claimed that the man simply “stumbled and fell”, according to Buffalo Toronto Public Media – turned out to be significantly different from what was available. visible on the footage and only added to the outrage.

The protester was taken to hospital by ambulance and is now in stable condition after suffering what was described as a “serious” head injury.

A total of five people were arrested for “disorderly conduct” as police dispersed a Black Lives Matter protest in the area.

As the video went viral, drawing angry comments from netizens and calls for the officers involved to be held accountable, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown released a statement, saying the two officers had “knock down a 75-year-old man,” contradicts police accounts.

Brown said he was “deeply disturbed” by police behavior and that the officers in the video had been “suspended without pay”.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined the chorus of condemnation, calling the incident “completely absurd and downright shameful.” He added that the officers should be suspended until a formal investigation is carried out.