According to scientific reports published in and National Geographic, the black-faced invaders pictured below are having favorable conditions to grow in most lands around the globe.

Recently a video of a man posted on social networks has attracted the attention of netizens. According to the video, he caught a group of raccoons with more than 50 cubs in the trash can next to the house
According to the video, these cats were looking for food, when they were accidentally caught by this man. look how innocent and harmless their faces are,
Only in the environment of a small trash can containing this many raccoons, it is no wonder why people say this animal is taking over the world
Regardless of the fact that raccoons are friendly, cute, and human companions, we can’t deny that they are an extremely invasive species,

They can quickly adapt to new environments and destroy other species.
As a versatile species, capable of maneuvering, climbing well, they almost overcome many types of terrain. Raccoons have 5 fingers like humans, they can grasp, gather, and handle food more proficiently than most other species. This helps raccoons become formidable survivors.
Raccoons are very intelligent and mischievous, they are often very wary when approaching humans, but if you treat them well, they will become as friendly as pets at home. The scary thing is that when they are full, they will come back with more teammates to beg.

If you don’t feed them, they will start digging through trash and dirty things around the house, simply destroying your garden to eat what they can, even sneaking into the house to steal food from the kitchen.
After watching the video, other people also humorously commented:
“The Real Life Minions”
“Why are they all dressed alike?”
“Man interrupting their meeting”
“That’s the spawner bro”

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