Built Different is a phrase used to suggest that a person is uniquely better than others in some way. It is often used to describe a person’s performance in a given situation.

The video re-shares the image of a guy who is said to be specially trained, this guy does the moves according to the previous arrangement and easily defeats the bad guys. But it seems that many people disagree with this approach, they think that these exercises are very impractical and difficult to apply in real life.

Some people share:

“Good job Nathan, we are impressed with the completely unrealistic and non relevant training that is teaching you nothing……but ur doing awesome”

“Problem is, this drill is not realistic at all… the scene should be much more chaotic with a bunch of extras running at you with knifes, etc. let’s see how is reacts with pepper sprayed eyes, and his adrenaline at 1000”

“Um I live in the UK and all I’ve seen is shoot first ask questions later .. your police system seem backwards to me .. turn up mob handed and just pull your guns 

“They forget to show the part when the water touches your face, it’s life changing  makes the chemical run into your eyes and down your face and that’s when the burn begins’

“I went through this for corrections. He’s keeping composure very well. I saw grown dudes cry from that spray and I’m not gonna lie, while I held it together, I couldn’t get to that water quick enough at the end lol”

“I’ve seen lots of people do this and some people are just not very affected for whatever reason. I wasn’t sure if it was either something about the person, or maybe it was the last of the can and it wasn’t as concentrated anymore.”