There are some men who still have special feelings for their ex, although they may not show it clearly in front of others, but the interest may still be there.
Men and ex-lovers sometimes come uninvited too
Many girlfriends after breaking up wonder, “Does boys miss their ex?” The answer is definitely “Yes”. For those of you who can’t forget the past, can’t let go
In the past, when you meet your old lover again, you will definitely want to reconnect with your old love.

The man who doesn’t forget his ex

More than that, in fact, men also tend to remember their ex, even more than women, it is often difficult for them to forget their ex.
Regardless, the two have walked together on a certain path, at least they have understood each other or have the same opinion, are compatible at some point, so when parting, it is difficult to forget each other.

Don’t be afraid to help your ex when it’s difficult
Sometimes in the mind of a man, he tends to be liberal, not afraid to help someone in trouble, in this case, an ex-lover.
Women are different, often once they are no longer in love, they will be determined to be indifferent and avoid their old love.
Therefore, in this situation, the man will not hesitate to help anytime, anywhere. For them, this action may not come from love, or affection, but just

Heart fluttering, lingering old memories
After all, they had a passionate time together, understood each other and experienced indelible memories. That’s why after a while meeting an old lover, anyone feels their heart beats faster, mind is confused and old memories suddenly come rushing back.
However, these feelings are only temporary phenomena. When he calms down, men’s psyche is usually more stable. They will know whether to turn back the past or reconnect with their ex not leisurely enjoy real life.