The video shows a female in a black bikini playing a game on the beach.
The game is under the control of his brother, wearing a black shirt and sits on a canoe. Only a young girl She is not afraid of heights, has enough health, and has a strong fighting spirit with this game, so it’s new.

Dare to challenge yourself in this game. How to play: Two girl’s hands clenched on the horizontal bar, then the guy in black behind controls the girl on high and then stops to try.How long does she hold onto the crossbar?

The girl who was lifted was arrested for about 40 seconds She pulled her legs together to save her, but her strength couldn’t take it anymore, so the girl let go of her hand country. After seeing this girl play, she is one of the right women who dare to face a dangerous challenge. The guy in the white shirt behind is probably
her husband, watching his wife challenge the game;

she went up high when he stood under her neck and danced enthusiastically. This shows that the man is afraid of heights or is in good health, so don’t play with her. The creator of this game entices tourists, you guys Children love to play adventure games. But especially the boys who want to compete with the strongest people. Since then, this sea area has been growing and going up.