The video re-shares the image of a man who is a policeman, he is getting ready to go to work and his girlfriend has been harsh about his job, the girl does not want him to handcuff those people.
Women and men responded to his questions with lists of if he quit his job.

The text of the dialogue is as follows:

“I am very uncomfortable with you cuffing other women…
You really want me to quit my job?
If it makes you that uncomfortable.

No more getting your nails done all the time.
No more Target.
No more Bed Bath & Beyond soaps in the mail.(He meant Bath & Body Works).
No more Amazon Prime
I feel like you’re exposing me
Oh, he wasn’t done yet…

When you go to Target and you say babe I’m only going to look. That means you actually are ONLY GOING TO LOOK.
You can’t actually buy something and say, Target will tell me what i need.
You cant’t say that anymorre. You actually have to window shop.”